The planning permit was approved on 16th of August 2013 and settlement took place
on 4th of September 2013.
The VMAA executive approved some funding on 10th of October and Road work
started on 16th of October 2013.
Certificate of Occupancy was issued 12 February 2015.
Official Opening 8 March 2015


New Aerials

Thanks to Brian and his DJI quad. 4 April 2017.



Inaugural Jet Weekend 18-19 Feb 2017

All visiting pilots were impressed by the facilities of the field.



I've been off holidaying and something happened!

The tractor store was roofed, luxury accommodation for an old doover.


Lovely day for work.

Last Thursday morning a bunch of blokes gathered to get stuck into roofing-in the gap between the shed and container for tractor storage, now that Tom and Graeme B and a few others have the tractor in as-good-as-can-be-expected condition after much work getting very dirty in the process.
Graeme B and Brett assembling 4 new solar panels to run the bore

The new panels will produce much more power

It will be very good when finished.


July Rains

Start of July was very wet, here are some photos taken by Graeme B on Wednesday 6th July.

Bengworden Rd looking to the South, water pouring out of our paddock.

The driveway with water flowing over it from Jims place.
Rather self-explanatory

Car park 'river'

Pits looking East

Pits looking West, note waves caused by speed of water.

Looking across the paddock, West to the dam.
Thank you Graeme.


Flood damage

The early part of July was very wet here, the lakes are still higher than usual.
The outfield was flooded and damaged part of the track in. The picture shows the damage, (not very clearly) but the gravel washed off to the side of the road is very visible.

Working bee needed.