The planning permit was approved on 16th of August 2013 and settlement took place
on 4th of September 2013.
The VMAA executive approved some funding on 10th of October and Road work
started on 16th of October 2013.
Certificate of Occupancy was issued 12 February 2015.
Official Opening 8 March 2015




The wires are strung and tensioned, just a few lengths of the barbed version to go.

A few blokes at the field today attaching the "droppers", this is a technical term for bits of wood.



Graeme is working on the runway, smoothing and weeding in one go.

The entry between Bergworden road and front gate is now sealed.



 Despite today being Monday there was a very good attendance at the working bee to continue the fencing.
There were about 12 or 13 blokes, hard working every one.
All the posts had already been installed and now almost all the wire strands are in.
 Some of the guys have the necessary tools and expertise to erect fences and the others are willing workers picking up new skills.
 The difference is amazing compared to just over a week ago when the posts were put in.

At the current rate of progress the fences will be all finished in no time.


Working Bee 9th

Plenty of guys turned up for the Bee.

 Spread out around the field fence post insertion was happening at great pace.

 The road in, is looking good!


The all-important lunch delivery was very much appreciated top fare for hard working blokes.

Thank you Lorraine!

The first section of many many more.


30 October

East-West runway
Contractors have been getting on with it.
Plenty of gravel down and a bit more to come.

Car parking nearly done

Road in and feeder dam



These shots were taken on 23/10/2013, as gravel being laid on the road in, also the parking area.

Next on the agenda is a working bee to erect fencing to separate us from the farm.

Photos  by Brian, from the Dropbox  in which you will find lots of other stuff if you are interested. 
Here is the link to the dropbox


We had been looking for a site to call home for well over 12 months and had a few possibles, but were thwarted each time. It was decided that a chat to our local newspaper could be advantageous as they had been most helpful in the past with publicity, this resulted in the front page story of Monday 25th March 2013 and continued on page 2. (Pic right, note typo in the heading)
Responses came in immediately, resulting in the purchase of our new home.

Recently Coates Hire sold us a relocatable site shed as reported in 'The Advertiser' of Monday 7th October 2013.

I was on holiday at the time but I believe the sum of $0.01 was invoiced to us.

Satellite view of the field as it was purchased.

 Working bees have been conducted, see the nice gates.
Left gate is for fliers, right gate is for the farmer access.

The long road in to the facitilies.

Brown area is to be enclosed for the field and shut out farm animals.

Start of setting out the parking area and pits.