The planning permit was approved on 16th of August 2013 and settlement took place
on 4th of September 2013.
The VMAA executive approved some funding on 10th of October and Road work
started on 16th of October 2013.
Certificate of Occupancy was issued 12 February 2015.
Official Opening 8 March 2015




 Fine weather today and the pour was nearly finished by the time I got there at about 0930.

Slab for the shed.

 Clubhouse supports.




Drilled in various places for filling with concrete or cement, whatever, to support constructions.

Those holes and this boxed area were to be filled with concrete today but the weather, namely rain, officially 7.2mm as I write, is what I suspect caused the non-filling today.

No doubt it will happen very soon.


Work Bee

Look at all that sky, just itching for models flying to scratch it.

 Ian W is a terror on the Tractor, with blade spreading two truckloads of dirt on the runway.
 Mowing, there is lots of grass for Mowing and the grass keeps growing for Mowing and three machines Mowing there was lots of Mowing done today.
Smudging too, was the order of the day once the dirt had been distributed.



The pumphouse arrived at the field along with the concrete base today.
I forgot to photograph the runway with its two truckloads of topsoil dumped on the low lying section, they arrived last Friday if I remember correctly.