The planning permit was approved on 16th of August 2013 and settlement took place
on 4th of September 2013.
The VMAA executive approved some funding on 10th of October and Road work
started on 16th of October 2013.
Certificate of Occupancy was issued 12 February 2015.
Official Opening 8 March 2015


Net Fence

Thursday, lovely sunny day, FREEZING breeze, but a few brave souls endured the diabolical conditions outdoors and struggled gamely on to get the dam secured, whilst others were comfy inside the shed finishing the plaster lining and cornices no less, no photos of them 'cos not at all photogenic.


Lining Walls

Thursday and Saturday saw a bunch of blokes hoisting plasterboard and slopping gooey blue glue, whacking nails, pushing and shoving  and a little cursing, (more than a little actually) to get the toilets and store room lined.

 NO, he hasn't been naughty, he's covering up the joins.

Not very pretty now.

Proceeding apace.



 This is what a water bore looks like.
There's a pump at the bottom of this awaiting solar panels for power.
 Septic tank buried in the back yard.

 What does all this stuff mean?
 Modern Art?
David C is as thorough with plumbing work as he is with his models.

The fence around the dam will be a work of art also.

Nice work guys!



Monday saw Aaron out at the site busily getting the septic tank and system organised.

Thanks for photos Ian W.