The planning permit was approved on 16th of August 2013 and settlement took place
on 4th of September 2013.
The VMAA executive approved some funding on 10th of October and Road work
started on 16th of October 2013.
Certificate of Occupancy was issued 12 February 2015.
Official Opening 8 March 2015


Wednesday 20

The dam is full, no doubt helped along by all the rain Sunday-Monday.

I am on Holiday so no more posts until late September.

 In this view you can see the guttering is connected from both  sides now, the concrete doorstep for the disabled toilet and the fencing to stop parking on top of the septic tank.

Neat pipework!

Start of roofwork between clubhouse and shed.

There is an awful lot of water laying about after all that rain.

 The spoon drain seems to have done a bit of work.
Everywhere you look there are these tiny mounds of mud, no doubt chucked up by subterranean critters now that the ground is so soft.



 Tuesday 12th, tilt tray truck ready to scoop up the clubhouse.
 Easy does it.

 Doesn't show up, but the front wheels are actually off the ground
Ready to roll.

 What about the gate and the sign?
 It fits!
 It's got to go where?

 Good aim!

 A piece of cake.
 Now for the store.

Too easy!

 Starting to look like a village.
Uh Oh!

Brett must be stuck, tractor and chain there to drag him out?


Saturday 9th

Nice sunny day, prediction for 18 degrees, mat in place for unrolling onto lovely smooth runway.
 Rolled out and looking good.
 Cutting groove for the end.
Belting in loads of pegs to nail it down, then bury the edges and ends to stop it blowing away.
Hot work for a change, temperature actually got to 18 deg.

The bore pump is wired up, ready for power.
 Graeme and Brett installing PV solar panels which will power the bore pump.
 Brett and Brian are at the pump nerve centre, it's not pumping.

Must be bad - Brett resorts to the manual.

Meanwhile Kim, Ron and Graeme are assembling the pilots boxes.
 Rob decides the runway needs testing.
 Quality control test succesful!

The airspace is looking very good.

 What a PERFECT runway, I paced it at 67 paces long, it's about 9 metres wide.
Of course the grass will be preferred by many, but not this little black duck.
 Pump fiddling after Brett made changes to the solar panel connections. The manual was not at all helpful, so a call was made to the supplier.

Brian and Graeme look a bit like expectant dads as water pours into the dam.
Excellent, rather clean-looking water.


Monday Tuesday

 Ready to pounce, like a coiled stainless steel spring.
This formidable 'machine' sits at the Eastern end of the runway.
 FIRST, flooding caused by the farmers bore water, overflowing for days from the cattle trough, (arrowed) due to a bugg broken float valve needed to be fixed.
 That's kinda sorted.

Now to tackle the runway.

 The 'machine' chews the dirt and rearranges it, according to instructions from an offsider with a big stick.
 David C with a stick, works hard making sure everything's just right.
 The 'machine' business end.
Graeme and Graeme watch closely.

 Tuesday, the fierce 'machine' met its match and gave up whilst its keeper went to get spare parts to finish off.

Brian was busy creating a spoon drain around the perimeter while all this was happening.

 What a beautiful result and it isn't quite finished in these pictures.

You have to see this in person to appreciate the true fabulousness of the 'machine' abilities, the pictures cannot convey the sheer excellence of it all.

The "North/South" strip recieved a makeover too.

Wednesday was scheduled for seeding after 'machine' is repaired.